23 - 02 - 2020
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Jean Van Laer esablished the Nayakker stud farm in 1994. It was used exclusively for hobby purposes and it stayed that way until the end of 2007. Early 2008 then, we decided to turn the largest part of it into a lodging stable. But after some time, in the end of 2012, we took the decision to stop the lodging stable!!

The new breeding stable was built in 2010. It had 11 large boxes (4x5), 6 smaller boxes (3,5 x 3,5) and 3 loose houses (5 x 10), next to 5 ha of pasture land and some 10 ha grassland in order to provide us with sufficient quality hay all through the year!!

By means of this website, it is our intention to keep you informed about anything that happens as far as results on contests are concerned, as well as our sales offer of high quality young dressage horses.